Governors Guide to Employment Matters in Schools & Academies

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Being a School or Academy Governor carries with it a lot of responsibility and we understand that Governors undertake their roles on a voluntary basis and may not have experience of HR or employment matters.

As a Governor you may be asked to become involved in a number of HR procedures at your school or academy e.g. disciplinary, recruitment, redundancy, grievance and capability to name a few.

This course will provide Governors with an understanding of the situations they may face in relation to employment in a school or academy setting and ensure they are clear on what their roles and responsibilities would be in these types of situation. We will also provide a brief update on Employment Law and highlight some issues employers could face if they get things wrong.

Who is it for?

School and Academy Governors. 

What will the session cover?

  • Relevant employment legislation
  • What your responsibilities are in relation to managing HR issues
  • The importance of following policies and procedures

Benefits of attending—You will be able to:

  • Be confident of your role and responsibilities with regards to employment matters in your School or Academy

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