It's all about Analytics

It's all about Analytics

Posted: Tuesday 31 May 2016. Author: Kirstie Kelly.

It's all about Analytics - My #PledgeForParity

This year’s International Women’s Day campaign is all about parity. The campaign asks us to consider a pledge to:

My pledge is to enable organisations to measure and improve gender equality by exploiting the power of analytics.

Let me tell you why.

Last week Capita hosted a diversity and inclusion think tank attended by D&I thought leaders where the conversation quickly turned to balancing process and culture for successful D&I.

As an ardent devotee of analytics, I am interested in how gender parity in the workplace can be enabled by analytics. In my experience, analytics has a powerful role to play in both the process and the culture elements.

Reading the IWD suggestions, it’s the last one that strikes me most. Can't all the others be achieved through ‘creating an inclusive, flexible culture’?

Using analytics to underpin process and culture change

My #IWD2016 pledge

It’s widely accepted that ‘culture trumps process’. In creating gender parity, process is the first port of call. Culture, however addresses longer term changes in behaviour – why we do it and how we make measurable progress through behaviour change.

I believe that analytics brings it all together.

Analytics help to challenge and iron out any blinkered thinking that may be holding leaders back from driving greater gender parity. It makes gender parity more measurable and achievable. And it helps to reduce issues that are affecting your business and your revenue.

That's why my pledge is to enable organisations to measure and improve gender equality by exploiting the power of analytics.

I believe that without timely access to data, gender parity will continue to be treated as a social or HR issue, not the key driver of productivity and innovation that it is.

If there's a way to get inclusion in front of the CEO, is there a better way than through powerful people-led data?

Kirstie Kelly

Kirstie Kelly

Kirstie Kelly leads the diversity and inclusion practice at Capita HR Solutions. With more than 20 years in the Recruitment and HR space, Kirsty is passionate about people in business. She believes that the world of work should be a positive place and that technology is the disruptor with the potential to finally bring about that change. Kirstie was one of the founding directors of LaunchPad, a video-led technology that enables businesses to make fair, inclusive and un-biased decisions, and she’s also advisor to a number of fast-growth businesses. In her work with clients she helps businesses to change entrenched behaviours - creating systematic and engaging processes to improve decision making about people and culture. An active speaker and blogger, you'll find Kirstie musing over the subjects of the changing face of HR and business where fairness and inclusion matter.