Embrace The New Year

Embrace The New Year

Posted: Tuesday 4 February 2014. Author: Capita HR solutions.

OKAY, so the Christmas parties are finished for another year (hopefully, you have all been able to avoid misfortune along the way) and your thoughts can begin turning to plans for this new year.

Now whether you have enjoyed an annus mirabilis, mediocris or horribilis, there is always an opportunity to try something a little different next time round and so here are some suggestions for some new year resolutions in the office...

* Try to leave work at the office door. I appreciate it's difficult but for your health and your wellbeing there should be a clear separation between your home and work life. I don't think too many people lying on their death bed say they wish they had worked more.

* This doesn't mean a total embargo however; it's often good (cathartic even) to take 15 to 20 minutes to talk through your day (and theirs) with your significant other

* Look after your health. Most employers would prefer you to go see your doctor or dentist for an hour or two if that helps prevent you going out sick for days or weeks at some later point. Remember your colleagues too. Bringing a really bad flu bug into work isn't helping anyone n Be judicious in your use of social media. The world doesn't need to know what you do at work 24/7 and although you may think everything is innocent you may find yourself in disciplinary trouble (or even worse in social media terms... being boring). It's worth noting that the things you post when you've had a few beers are often not quite as funny when sober.

* Network a little more. Whether it's updating (or creating) a LinkedIn page or attending some industry seminars. You would be surprised how helpful the people you meet can be.

* This also applies internally. If you work in a big company, take the time to get to know some staff in other areas. Everyone has their own story, most of which are very interesting if you take the time to listen. A smile and a chat will also open a lot more doors than being cold.

* Cultivate a sense of humour. Not everything needs to be analysed, debated and taken offence at. You can always find offence with something if you look hard enough, sometimes its better to let the trivial wash over you.

* Learn to say no. Don't feel pressurised to join in with charity events, company functions, nights out etc if they really are not your thing; it's a good idea however to master the art of refusing without giving offence. It's also okay to say no to work requests; as long as you are genuinely tied up doing something more important. Prioritisation is an under-used skill.

* Drop the complacency. Sometimes it's easy to slip into routine. Use the New Year to challenge yourself a little and engage in something new. The secret to success is being able to manage change effectively. If you can get to grips with another part of the business then do so. Educate and stretch yourself. n Finally; make your resolutions realistic and achievable. Set targets and then go back each month and see how you are progressing against them. Adjust and tweak as necessary.

So there you have it... a little food for thought and perhaps action?

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